Environmental Sustainability Solutions

We provide new and innovative solutions that will help your company achieve big saving on energy costs

Energy Solutions

Conserving energy is always dramatically more efficient than producing new usable energy by any means. Sustainable Environmental Solution is developing an expanding repertoire of termal energy conservation technologies.

Control Solutions

Using a comprehensive energy assessment and reporting tool that incorporates a linked set of wireless energy monitoring sensors energy connected to a home station to generate comprehensive reports on the building’s energy performance and energy savings opportunities.

Software Solutions

Through intelligent building software tools designed to access building performance and improve building comfort and productivity


Green Lighting Solutions

Provides turnkey solutions to everyday problems

Switching Power Supplies

Beijing National Stadium - Bird's Nest, 2008 Olympics Honoured to be the main Switching Power Supply vendor for the National Stadium. The power supplies were used for the LEDs Lighting, which presented a magnificent opening ceremony shown to the world.

Switching Power Supply Products

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